Currently we are 2-3 days behind in in shipping orders - we make every item to order.

We reserve the right to contact you if the website shipping calculator does not calculate the shipping cost correctly. You will have the choice to pay the additional cost, cancel or change the order.

Due to recent price hikes is the USPS shipping, we can no longer offer FREE shipping. The prices went up 300-500% due to the fact of them adding dimensional weight shipping costs that now exceed both USPS, UPS and FedEx.

Very sorry for the inconvenience.


In the event of stolen packages:  If you live in an area where stolen packages is common, then please reach out to us and request a shipping service that requires a signature. Once a package is delivered, you are responsible for its well being. We, nor insurance, will cover packages stolen from your location.

We DO ship Worldwide, and the website should calculate the shipping cost correctly.  If you think there is an error, please email for clarification.  Please keep in mind that The maximum length plus girth can not exceed 79.00 inches.  If your package exceeds this size, we will email you with an option to pay for an additional package or change the order.  We CAN NOT guarantee or replace lost packages shipped outside of the US.  We have a 90% success rate with USPS in getting the package to the out of country location.  You are purchasing at your own risk, and we do not offer money back for lost packages, as the USPS will not insure it.

    - If you are a Canadian customer, please try our affiliate so you can save in shipping expenses.

PLEASE NOTE:  If the shipping address you entered is wrong, and the package does not make it to you, we are NOT responsible for replacing or refunding your money.  Please double check all address and email entries.