• Decked Drawer Inserts


    Decked - Full Size Drawer foam inserts.

    (They do not go past the extended part of the drawer, the rear of the drawer remains empty)

    PLEASE NOTE: These prices may be escalated (at least to the east coast) to cover shipping costs.


    Please email brian@kaizeninserts for an accurate shipping quote.  Be sure to include how many sets, and how many layers you are looking for, as well as your shipping address.  We can email you an invoice for the product.  We also have capabilities of fitting out your Decked drawers with custom inserts.


    The pricing structure is as follows:

    EACH 2.25" thick insert cost $34, each drawer can hold up to 3 - 2.25" inserts

       - So far, depending on where in the US you live, I have seen shipping costs range from $20 up to $78 for a set.

       - Again, please email brian@kaizeninserts.com for for information