• Lift Out Layers - LOL - Milwaukee Large PackOut 48-22-8425


    The solution for Lift-Out-Layers In tool boxes


    - Purchase a "standard" bottom section, as it may be unnecessary to remove the last piece

    The Large Tool Box is 8 1/4" deep, so figure out what works best for you application as far as quantity of layers.

    -  Foam Thicknesses: 2 1/4", 1 1/8", 7/8"

    -  Bottom Substrate 1/8"


    The large tool box will fit:

    3 layers of 2-1/4" w/ substrate

    6 layers of 1-1/8" w/ substrate

    8 layers of 7/8" w/ substrate


    Bottom Substrate:

    • You will have the choice of Masonite or ABS Plastic.  (If you are looking for ALL weather conditions, the 1/8" thick ABS plastic will be necessary, as the 1/8" masonite will get damaged around moist conditions

    If you would like to adhere the substrate to the foam yourself, we recommend using a spray-on contact cement or FastCap SpeedTape That can be found by clicking this link