• Lift Out Layers - LOL - Milwaukee PackOut Toolbox 48-22-8424


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    The solution for Lift-Out-Layers In tool boxes


    - Purchase a "standard" bottom section, as it may be unnecessary to remove the last piece

    The Tool Box is 4.5" deep, so figure out what works best for you application as far as quantity of layers.

    -  Foam Thicknesses: 2 1/4", 1 1/8", 7/8"

    -  Bottom Substrate 1/8"


    The 8424 tool box will fit:

    1 bottom layer of 2-1/4" plus 1 layer of 1-1/8" w/ substrate

    1 bottom layer of 2-1/4" plus 2 layers of 7/8" w/ substrate

    1 bottom layer of 1-1/8" plus 2 layers of 1-1/8" w/ substrate

    NOTE: When adhering the substrate to the foam, contact cement works best!