• Milwaukee JobSite Organizer - Divider Inserts


    NOTE/WARNING: This box has a clear lid, keep out of sunlight, as the lid acts as a magnifier and will melt the foam!

    Milwaukee JobSite Organizer (48-22-8030) -  To fit in between tool box dividers


    Use in conjunction with the bins or remove the bins completely!


    NOTE on Full Depth:
    When choosing full depth foam on the divided inserts, you will receive 1-57mm and 1-20mm. That will bring the foam to the top of the divider. When requesting it on a FULL SIZE insert, you will receive 1-57mm and 1-30mm. That will bring it to the top of the case.  You can see the difference in the picture below.

    Customer Pics:


    Submitted by: Alex Johnson (Instagram @edgerunner01)