• Ridgid Pro Gear Cart - foam tool box inserts - WITH TOOLBOX INSERT


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    Fastcap Kaizen foam cut specifically for your Ridgid Pro Gear Cart 

    The Tool box is NOT included, it is shown only for reference

    You are looking at the PARTIAL size inserts - the plastic tool holder must STAY IN PLACE, see pictures below:


    Depth(thickness) Options:

    #1 - 1 piece of 20mm (bottom)



    #2 -  1 piece of 20mm, 1 piece of 57mm


    #3 - 1 piece of 20mm, 2 piece's of 57mm

        - This will bring the foam flush to the bottom of the tool insert


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    As we continuously try to keep the pricing down on these tool box inserts, please keep in mind that we include the shipping cost.