• Ridgid Pro Gear Cart - foam tool box inserts - FULL SIZE


    Fastcap Kaizen foam cut specifically for your Ridgid Pro Gear Cart 

    The Tool box is NOT included, it is shown only for reference

    Foam Inserts will be BLACK - (For other color availability, please contact us)

    You are looking at the full size inserts - the plastic tool holder must be removed, see pictures below:


    Depth(thickness) Options:

    Every piece is 57mm (2 1/4" thick) with the exception of the top cover sheet (which is 20mm 7/8")

    #1 - 1 piece of 57mm (bottom)


    #2 - 2 piece's of 57mm


    #3 - 3 piece's of 57mm


    #4 - 4 piece's of 57mm


    #5 - 5 piece's of 57mm


    #6 - 5 piece's of 57mm, 1 piece of 20mm


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